Turf Care Supervisor

Down To Earth Landscaping Inc.

Down To Earth Landscaping Inc.

705 Wright Debow Road , Jackson , NJ - 08527

Sherry Eldridge

Job Description

Assist the Division Manager with the daily operations of a commercial lawn care company.  This position would include part time in the office and part time in the field to perform specialty pesticide, as well as assist the crews in the field as necessary to keep production on schedule.  Promotes professional lawn care services and coaches and mentors peers.  Represents and reinforces the company’s values and commitment to integrity, teamwork, safety, service and community.  


Maintains company records 

o  Maintaining daily pesticide application records, material safety data sheets, annual reporting and consumer information notices

o  Handling department issues

o  Assist in developing department budget

o  Maintain and report to Sr. Management the budgeted vs actual information

Licensure Certifications

o  Ensure current licensing is maintained by all employees as required by company policy/state and/or federal law. (3A & 3B)

o  Support others with obtaining lawn care licensure by providing one-on-one coaching and instruction

o  Ensure compliance with regards to product label, licensing, recurring training requirements

o  Manager operator training certifications and applicator testing certifications


o  Maintenance of turf care equipment

o  Manage the mixing of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides for application to trees, shrubs, lawns or botanical crops and fill sprayer tanks

o  Oversee weekly maintenance on machines, trucks, spray tanks

o  Compliance of all DMV paperwork

o  Perform smoke test safety inspection

o  Manage the winterization process

o  Deliver equipment and/or parts to crew{s} when needed

o  Maintain vehicle and equipment through cleanliness, safety, and general maintenance


o  Read production schedule, daily production route, and work orders to determine equipment and products needed to be loaded and secured for daily production

o  Prepare work schedules and monitor duties to service personnel for efficiency

o  Expedite workflow by coordinating the sharing of information between customer and field technician

o  Determine work procedures issuing oral and written instructions

o  Take initiative to identify problems and propose solutions to overcome challenges and improve operations

o  Purchases equipment, tools, supplies and related materials

o  Manage resources and material usage 

o  Maintain relationships with subcontractors

o  Flagging and blowing compliance

o  Create and update Pre-Treatment Notifications

o  Manage the posting and removing of signs


o  Perform year-end inventory of equipment

o  Annual tank testing and cleaning

o  Reinstate winterization

Managing Staff

o  Create and update crew daily schedules

o  Performs administrative functions for time and recordkeeping of crew work hours

o  Coach and develop lawn specialists and trainees.

o  Works with other managers to identify ways to reduce customer cancellations

o  Recruit, interview and select personnel needed to efficiently staff the service function

o  Provide direction and assign tasks to crews in their functional areas ensuring compliance, proper training, adherence to company policies, safety

o  Maintains positive morale among personnel

o  Promote team work while building and managing relationships with customers, peers and management

o  Maintain relationship with Area Managers to assure efficient execution of work and resolution of issues

Customer Service

o  Evaluate quality of service provided to customers and develop procedures to minimize customer complaints

Respond on a timely basis to customer requests for telephone and in-person service calls to promote customer satisfaction and retention